Why you need SEO for International Websites

E-commerce today is easier and more complex than ever. Opening an online store is just a few clicks away. For all sizes, scales and dedication of business. May it be the exclusively limited handcraft work from next door, the middle-sized company widening their customer basis up to the global enterprise serving every market and language necessary.

What are the Essentials?

There are many components needed for successfully putting together an international website.

You definitely need to translate your entire store, from product descriptions to the notifications your customers receive. langify is originally designed for Shopify’s translation API, to be SEO optimized.

SEO is an indispensable part of your online store. You need it to maximize your website’s traffic and have it seen by who you want it to. Consider it the most practical marketing tool you have available! When your SEO is set, there is not much more you need to do to ensure website exposure. If your shop is well-ranked on search engines, it’s ready to go. You’ll always appear to customers seeking a specific product or type of store, generating more traffic and sales.

Is SEO Country Specific?

Even though you might have optimized how and when your store shows up in searches, that doesn’t mean your SEO can be applied in different languages and countries. This is because SEO is different in different countries. You cannot simply rely on your SEO techniques in one language to serve you in another.

There are many reasons for this. First, people in different countries have different searching styles to begin with. There might be different strategies you need to use to appeal to that audience or show up in their searches in the first place. Speakers of different languages also use different types of wording when typing into search engines. For these reasons, to ensure your store still shows up when you want it to, you need to make your SEO suitable.

As you might have guessed by now, SEO is country-specific. There are different ways and words people use when searching from different countries. Your average American shopper won’t be searching for a certain household item the same way someone in Europe or the Middle East would, for example. That same item would have a different label, intended purpose, and importance in each of these distinct places.

The same applies for any other areas or types of items you can think of.

Short rule is, people from different places search for different items in different ways. Even when they’re shopping for the same item!

This means that, just because you’ve worked on your store’s SEO in one country, doesn’t mean you’ll get the clicks in another! So, to guarantee exposure and sales in a given country, you need to work on optimizing your store in that country in particular.

Hreflang Tags

The way your SEO is set up, both technically and content-wise, helps search engines determine which searchers your website should show up for. One of the most important factors used in SEO for international multilingual websites are hreflang tags. Hreflang tags are used to redirect your customers to your store’s site in their language. This coding makes sure your store appears to your customers in their own language and currency.

langify takes care of that with our automatic hreflang implementation. When you subscribe, along with website translations, you also get full SEO support. You will have the full package of features needed to ensure your website suits each customer accessing it.

What makes strong International SEO?

Of course, when aiming for an international audience, you need to have your entire store translated. When it comes to SEO in specific, it’s better to use general terms to get the appropriate translations. Different languages have different ways of expressing certain ideas or concepts. This is why, when changing the language from the one you initially set up your SEO in, the term or phrase might differ in meaning.

Different languages mean different searches, not just when it comes to the words used! This also applies to the types of words selected when searching. If you only rely on basic, rigid translations, you won’t be able to truly see SEO results in a different language. This is essentially because your searchers intent might not be targeted properly.

To truly optimize your store, there are a few basic things you need. Strong international SEO firstly requires that your translations are accurate in the language you are translating to. You also need the techniques you’ve used to be relevant to the new audience you are targeting. And finally, you need to make sure your store is fully set up and ready to be accessed by that new audience. In other words, you need to make sure your entire store is translated to make your customer’s purchasing process us simple and smooth. When your store is prepared that way, your customer is more likely to stick around (and make a purchase!)

Is it worth it?

Our SEO support means you get the most appropriate and well-fit translations for the text in your store. This ensures that your store shows up when and where you want it to. When your website is tailored towards a specific country, search engines can pick up on where your store is located and show it to that country’s residents. By ensuring that your store is properly set up for that country, customers might sometimes even assume your store to be local!

There are immense returns for working on your website’s optimization in different areas. Optimal translations for your store and its SEO result in greater exposure for your store within a certain country or cluster of countries. In turn, customers view your store more often and have a more pleasant experience when they do click on it! To successfully operate an international shopping site and attract international customers, this is an essential step.

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