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October 28, 2022
One of the most significant search breakthroughs of our time is faceted search. While it is already a typical component of most eCommerce search solutions, the majority of merchants’ apps have failed to keep up with shoppers' needs.
May 17, 2022
By now, you probably know you need a multilingual website. When your website is available in multiple languages, you attract more customers and in turn generate more sales. And these are only some of the benefits...
April 01, 2022
The numbers speak for themself. 4,7 out of 5 stars from 1300+ Shopify reviews. With thousands of downloads, langify is not only Shopify’s original translation app. It continues to be one of the most popular and successful solutions for translations, exclusively for Shopify!
March 18, 2022
Shopify is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. This is why translating your online store is essential to reach customers globally. Increase your conversion-rate and sales. Who doesn’t want that?

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  • 2 days ago From langify

    Okay, today we need to talk about the future of not only writing… ChatGPT is in everyone's mouth😮 currently. Maybe you have tested it with some fun or even academic questions to understand its dynamics and functionalities. We tested it with the question to write us a social media post for langify. So here is the Q&A (Original):
    Q: “Imagine you are a SaaS translation app for Shopify. You want to write a weekly social media post for linkedin customers regarding the ups and downs regarding ChatGPT” A: "This week, we wanted to share our thoughts on the recent developments with OpenAI's GPT-3 and its impact on the world of SaaS translation apps. 💬🤖 While GPT-3 has shown amazing capabilities in text generation, it still has its limitations. For example, it lacks cultural context and nuance in translations, which are crucial for effective communication in different languages. 🌍💬 At Langify, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality translations through a combination of advanced technology and human expertise. Our team of professional translators ensures that every translation is culturally relevant and accurate. 💻📚 So, don't be swayed by the hype of GPT-3. Trust in Langify for all your translation needs, and rest assured that your store's message will always be accurately conveyed to your customers worldwide. 🌍💬”
    The answer is elaborate and to the point mostly. Actually, only one sentence is incorrect and would have to be deleted (Our team of professional translators ensures that every translation is culturally relevant and accurate.)
    Even more surprisingly, it also adds the hashtags and emojis fitting best to its understanding of the context.  What do you think about ChatGPT and the future with AI? #TranslationApp #Langify #Shopify #ShopifyPlus #SaaS #GPT3 #ChatGPT #AI
  • 5 days ago From langify

    Almost 1400 customers have shared their experience with langify over the last 10 years. So what is your opinion? We have two top major goals in developing/designing and supporting the best translation app on Shopify. Best performance and user-friendliness! It is a delicate balance between the most elaborated features and ease of use. And even more so to keep over time. Since 2013 we are dedicated to developing and supporting the best translation app on Shopify. Feel free to try it for yourself today! ----
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    As we're working on the upcoming 2023 langify updates, let's take a look at some of the features we released last year. 🔙 💡 Which one is the best, and what would you want to see next! #langifyupdate #productupdate #websitetranslation

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