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August 09, 2023
Searchandising, a fusion of 'search' and 'merchandising,' uses advanced technology to refine product searches in online stores, enriching the shopping experience and amplifying sales. Checking on examples such as GAP and IKEA.
February 07, 2023
The subscription-based business model in eCommerce is getting more popular by each day. It is one of those exceptional customer-friendly models that can remain consumer-centric while simultaneously improving your business’ sustainability.
October 28, 2022
One of the most significant search breakthroughs of our time is faceted search. While it is already a typical component of most eCommerce search solutions, the majority of merchants’ apps have failed to keep up with shoppers' needs.
May 17, 2022
By now, you probably know you need a multilingual website. When your website is available in multiple languages, you attract more customers and in turn generate more sales. And these are only some of the benefits...
April 01, 2022
The numbers speak for themself. 4,7 out of 5 stars from 1300+ Shopify reviews. With thousands of downloads, langify is not only Shopify’s original translation app. It continues to be one of the most popular and successful solutions for translations, exclusively for Shopify!
March 18, 2022
Shopify is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. This is why translating your online store is essential to reach customers globally. Increase your conversion-rate and sales. Who doesn’t want that?

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  • 3 days ago From langify

    Ready to Boost Your Sales? Look No Further! 🚀
    Are you looking to take your sales game to the next level? Want to tap into new markets and expand your reach? Look no further – langify is here to supercharge your business!  🌐 langify: The Ultimate Sales Booster 🌐
    langify is not just a translation app – it's your passport to global success. With langify, you can translate your online store into multiple languages, breaking down language barriers and making your products accessible to customers worldwide. 🌍 Here's why you should download langify today:
    ✅ Unlock New Markets: Expand your customer base by reaching customers in their native languages. langify supports over 100 languages!
    ✅ Boost Conversion Rates: Studies show that customers are more likely to make a purchase when the information is presented in their language. Increase your conversion rates with langify!
    ✅ Stay Competitive: In today's global market, staying ahead of the competition means speaking your customer's language. langify gives you the edge. Don't miss out on this opportunity to charge your sales and connect with a global audience. 🌎 Ready to get started? Download langify now and watch your sales soar! 💸
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  • 1 week ago From langify

    Trying langify can offer many different benefits for individuals and businesses looking to expand their online presence and reach a global audience. Here are some reasons why you should consider using langify. Love what you see? Try it for free now! https://buff.ly/3Qb2exp #langify #shopify #freetrial
  • 2 weeks ago From langify

    Happy National Linguine Day! 🍝 Hey #LinkedInFam, did you know that today is National Linguine Day? 🇮🇹🎉
    As marketers, we're all about crafting the perfect message, just like the perfect linguine dish! Whether it's a tagline that leaves a lasting impression or a campaign that's as unforgettable as a delicious pasta meal, langify understands the importance of getting it just right. ✨ So, let's celebrate today by savoring the flavors of linguine – the pasta that's as versatile as our marketing strategies! 📈 Whether you prefer it with a classic marinara sauce, a creamy Alfredo, or a zesty pesto, there's a pasta dish for every taste, just like there's a marketing approach for every audience. 🎯🍽️ Let's raise our virtual forks to the power of words and pasta! 🥂🍝 Whether you're a marketing maestro or a linguine lover (or both!), take a moment to enjoy a plate of linguine today. Share your favorite linguine recipes or marketing success stories in the comments below! Let's make today extra saucy and full of fun conversations. 🗣️📣 #shopify #langify #NationalLinguineDay #FoodForThought

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