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June 28, 2022
Getting the right website structure, is essential to reach your customers. Generally, there are 3 types of domain structures: Top-level Domains (TLDs), Subdomains, and Subfolders. Find out about how translations benefit there.
June 21, 2022
Shopify Markets is a cross-border management tool that helps you set up, optimize and manage your international markets - all from a single store. "words are like air... and when air becomes wind … the wind makes the ships sail"
June 14, 2022
Translating a store is one thing, reaching all buyers is another. To optimize your user’s experience, it is necessary to actually communicate your media as well. Images, videos and graphics. The original content itself and the meta context in the following...
May 28, 2022
Translating your website is important for more than one reason. Multilingual online stores cater to a wider audience and reach more buyers. Let's have a look at the top 5 to increase your business
May 23, 2022
Having your website available in multiple languages is an essential step to take for your online business today. Reach more customer and increase your sales now and tomorrow...
May 17, 2022
By now, you probably know you need a multilingual website. When your website is available in multiple languages, you attract more customers and in turn generate more sales. And these are only some of the benefits...
May 07, 2022
There are many ways you can use it to translate your website. The classic traditional way is to translate it manually, with the help of speakers of different languages.
May 02, 2022
"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new" How often do you read something in your own language and still not understand a word? That's common, and it's usually because it's fairly easy to make translation errors.
April 19, 2022
If you want to increase your Shopify store's reach and generate more sales, having a localized store is essential. To make the shopping experience easy for your customers, translating & optimizing is the key.
April 14, 2022
To understand why your store needs a localization strategy, you first need to understand what localization is. Translating your store is the first call to action there
April 06, 2022
When trying to reach a wider audience, it is essential to translate every part of your online store. From browsing through products to placing and tracking orders
April 01, 2022
Translating your Shopify store is no longer just an option; it's necessary! Reach a larger audience and be able to sell to customers all around the world,
April 01, 2022
The numbers speak for themself. 4,7 out of 5 stars from 1300+ Shopify reviews. With thousands of downloads, langify is not only Shopify’s original translation app. It continues to be one of the most popular and successful solutions for translations, exclusively for Shopify!
March 23, 2022
In the immense diversity of today's market, not translating your store is no longer an option. To reach wider audiences and achieve your store’s greatest potential reach, you need the right app to translate your store's content.
March 18, 2022
Shopify is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. This is why translating your online store is essential to reach customers globally. Increase your conversion-rate and sales. Who doesn’t want that?
March 17, 2022
E-commerce today is easier and more complex than ever. Opening an online store is just a few clicks away. For all sizes, scales and dedication of business. May it be the exclusively limited handcraft work from next door, the middle-sized company around the corner or a global enterprise ...
March 07, 2022
Shopify is a thriving factor in today's e-commerce business with 3.4 billion sales in 2022 (). Shopify is an excellent platform for digital sellers. Easy setup, use and scalability  are the basic keys for an excellent user experience. With today's consumer spending hours shopping online, they prefers content in his native language. Merchants must take advantage of translations to reach more customers to increase sales.

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  • 1 day ago From langify

    Why are translations so challenging yet so rewarding?
    E-commerce today is easier and more complex than ever. Opening an online store is just a few clicks away. May it be the exclusively limited handcraft work from next door to the global enterprise serving every market and language necessary. At #langify our first goal is providing outstanding translations and support for #Shopify merchants. Unique app features (such as custom content) & support drive our daily business. We make it easy and excellent at the same time!  Reach more customers and Improve your sales
    -Easy translations & Excellent service
    -SEO optimized … are key🗝️ points to successful e-commerce.
    Paul Watzlawick, an 🇦🇹 Austrian Philosopher, once said in German language:   🇩🇪 German Original :
    “Man kann nicht nicht kommunizieren.” 👤Human Translation:
    “It is impossible to not communicate” One way of getting closer connected to the customer is speaking their native language.
    http://support.langi...ent-translations Comment below what #Language(s) are you using for your store translations? #Translations #SEO #shopify #shopifyPlus #langify #communication
  • 5 days ago From langify

    What does it take to build a beneficial partnership? Communication is the meta key in creating and maintaining successful relationships. May it be a Shopify app or Agency partner. And the backbone of langify the Shopify store owners.  Obviously, different partners have differing communication needs and preferences.
    In our customer support, we primarily use email service, for three reasons   - Reach
    - Accessibility
    - Usability Every merchant in e-commerce uses it. No need to schedule a call or speak the partner's language fluently. Simply read and use a translation service if necessary.  Though, e-mails as indirect communication is not as efficient as a personal call. Setting those up is more challenging. The partners are based all around the world. Accordingly, the time zone, working hours and last but not least the language have to be matched.  Can be 🤔tricky if you have three ⌚time zones and 💬languages … Slack as our internal communication tool that brings together the best of both worlds   - Direct & indirect
    - Write & Call The upside is the many features and options. Which is the downside as well. Fewer people use it, and it is more complicated to connect in the first place.  Of course, we do our best to build and care for any channel.  The time is right to partner up and translate Now! #partnership #shopify #langify #shopifyPlus #ecommerce #slack #translation #communication
  • 1 week ago From langify

    A constantly changing environment brings certain challenges with it. May it be in nature when an animal or plant prevails in a new habitat. Or in e-commerce and digital media. Things can change fast, adapting is the key to success.  Do not only follow trends. Be creative yourself to enhance your business. At #langify as translation service on Shopify, #innovaton and #improvements are resulting from our daily development & support challenges. Being:  👉 Excellent
    👉 Creative
    👉 Unique is our key to customer happiness.  Bringing the best user experience (UX) possible is essential to e-commerce!  Do you follow trends and/or enhance your creativity?  #langify #shopify #ShopifyPlus #shopifystore #creativity #ecommerce #innovation #improvement #SaaS #dev #support #translations

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